Over the last month, Print House has taken on a project that was slightly different to what we usually do – we completed a handful of commissioned interior design jobs featuring a range of specialised paintings and the primary singage for a new restaurant in town called Three Blind Mice.

We like to see ourselves as very versatile and willing to take on a challenge. This project provided us the perfect opportunity to challenge ourselves, experiment with different styles and utilise new processes. Watching it all come together has been very satisfying not only from a business perspective, but also on a much more personal note.

The commission front sign of 'Three Blind Mice'

Three Blind Mice was started by Ed Rolston and Matt Lamming, two players on the HK rugby team, who have been running a few small businesses over the years before coming together to open their new restaurant.

Hughie and Ed have been friends for a long time, since they were running around as toddlers, and in recent years they have always found ways to overlap their businesses, helping each other out, providing contacts and giving advice when needed.

This played a big part in the satisfaction that came out of this particular job- being able to work closely with an old friend and contribute to the atmosphere at his new venture. Furthermore, it gave us the opportunity to showcase our artwork and receive valuable feedback from potential customers.


This style of painting is something that Hughie and Akiko have been working on over the last year with the intention of building up to an exhibition. All the pieces so far have received very positive feedback with people finding themselves lost in the organic flow the paint creates and the pieces are being advertised for sale in the restaurant.

After creating the pieces for Three Blind Mice, the next goal is for an exhibition on May 20th to showcase them, alongside a few others we have been working on- so keep an eye on our newsletters and save the date!

PH team.