An interpretive visual representation of the delicacy and volatility of the human spirit. Follow the journey of our character as she brings to life the struggles of self-discovery and turbulence of her spiritual awakening.

The focus of the exhibition centred around the theme of the ocean and its reflection of the human spirit in the honesty of its organic movement, contrasted with the raw power and devastation of its effects.

When exploring the movement of the ocean, the orbiting moon is influential in determining tidal patterns. This astrological phenomenon is known as the the lunar cycle, and has long been thought to influence our temperament and behaviour.

Capturing the essence of the symbiotic relationship between the three entities; the moon, the ocean and human spirit, the experimental performance explores the confines of the human soul through challenging the boundaries of interpretive art.

As a collection of artists, we proudly present ‘The Lunar Effect’- our first collaborative exhibition that represents our interpretive take on a modern day journey of self-discovery.

Mixed Media Art Pieces

by Akiko Sakai and Hughie Doherty

Performance Pieces

by Siobhan Dumigan

Video Production

by Andy Stokes, Frédéric Bussière and Joshua Kahan