Aim of our printing booth:

To provide an interactive experience for clients/guests that functions as a creative activity as well as promoting brand awareness. The activity is extremely interactive and allows your clients/guests to be fully hands on throughout the printing process.

What our printing booth brings to your event:

The printing booth invites your clients/guests to get involved with an interactive experience that is quick, easy and creative – it gives your clients/guests creative freedom to customize their own pre-branded product.

We will provide a quick, fun and effective interactive experience that produces immediate personalised results.

How much space we need for the printing booth:

The actual printing process is highly versatile, mobile and compact – we can help to recommend the set up that would be most suitable for your event, the size you would like to set up as well as the kind of quantity that you would like to output.

To give an idea on space and output, the smallest set up would be 1 printing station operated by 2-3 staff. Our usual recommendation is approximately 4-5 minutes for each client/guest at each station – this produces approximately 12-15 tote bags / t-shirts per hour (each with at least 2 custom prints). This set up would be standard for a 3x3m marquee with a 2x1m table as the printing station.

An example of a bigger set up would be 4 printing stations operated by 10 staff. This would produce approx 48-60 tote bags / t-shirts per hour, again, each with atleast 2 custom prints.

The event printing booth is very scalable and as such, the number of printing stations is easily adjusted depending on the output and space availability.

What we need from you:

The requirements from our end are relatively low maintenance and we provide almost all printing equipment within the quote. The main aspects we need on site from you as the organizer is:

  1. Electricity to power our dryers
  2. A nearby source of running water to fill our basins as well as a nearby drainage facility to empty the basins

The consumption of both electricity and water will depend on the set up.

What our service offers to you, the event organizer:

Using our products and services, we offer the opportunity to create organic and extensive brand exposure – t-shirts and/or tote bags are extremely practical for everyday use and continue to show off your company logo or brand image long after the event.

Another positive aspect of our printing booth is it helps to identify your brand as valuing creativity and customer interaction – although a brand activation activity by nature, the focus is on the customer experience and final personalised product, demonstrating that you want to take time to connect with your clients/guests and their input.

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