Our birthday parties offer an opportunity for you and all your guests to take part in a fun, creative and productive activity. We offer full access to our design menu (shown below) as well as the opportunity to create custom screens specially for your group. The screen can be created at the party or prepared before, completely depends on the experience you would like to provide for you and your group of friends. Nice ideas that we’ve seen in the past for the custom screen have included: some kind of logo to represent your group, a funny quote that relates to everyone and a screen full of everyone’s signature or nationality.

Our parties usually last around 1.5-2 hours depending on the number of participants. Our cost includes (x1) t-shirt or tote bag for each participant and all the materials / equipment to carry out printing.

We will make sure that everyone gets the chance to do at least 2 prints (i.e front and back) and if there is extra time then we can keep going so they can do a couple more. We usually do find though that you don’t want to put too many prints on otherwise the tees / totes start to look a little overwhelmed with prints!

In terms of the prints, we have a design menu (shown above) that has a range of prints applicable to both boys and girls. Everyone will have the opportunity to choose their print, the colour and location and we will show them how to print themselves. We also offer the option to add on custom screens with your own design – perhaps something special for your group of friends. We are happy to help with the design work based off the idea from you guys. Each of these screens is a similar size to A4 and costs $250.

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